The trend of carrying big and bulky books with you have passed away. Now in this growing era of technology everybody is getting contracted on the electronic gadgets and so the bulky books are. Yes, I am talking about the E-Books which have brought a great revolution in books reading manner. To read the E-Book on your gadget, you need an E-Book reader. There are many E-Book readers that you can opt for reading E-Books on your electronic device, PC, Laptop or smartphone etc.

In fact, you E-Book reading experience solely depends on the features that your E-Book readers offers to you. So one should be very serious in selecting a good E-Book readers. This list of best E-Book readers can help you in this.

1. Kindle Touch

Undoubtedly the best E-Book reader till date is Kindle Touch. It offers you awesome reading experience through its nice HD display. The whole interface is controlled with your finger and all the features are accessible with single tap. On the right side, you can find a Forward arrow, tapping on which takes you to one page ahead and the Backward arrow on the left takes you one page behind. Tapping on the top of screen brings the menu bar offering you all the tools that you can use with your e-book.

2. Nook Simple Touch Reader

This one comes with beautiful and functional design with simple to use features. Talking about the best features of this awesome reader, it has got nice design that you can’t get in any E-Book reader and also navigation is very easy with Nook Simple Touch Reader. While this reader offers all basic and some advanced features, it lacks the support of Text-to-Speech feature.

3. Nook Tablet

Nook Tablet enhances your magazine and book viewing experience. Besides offering good features for reading, the one awesome feature that I would like to mention here is the battery backup. The battery takes only 3 hours to get charged and offers several hours of reading. Moreover, 16 GB internal memory is just amazing so you can carry a huge no. of books in it, while on the move.

4. Sony Reader Touch Edition

This one comes from the house of Sony. Good features and tools for better reading experience are a part of it. But the feature that I like the most is its portability. Sony Reader Touch Edition is lightweight, so it’s easy to carry along with you, anytime and anywhere.

5. Kindle Fire

Again something great with the tag of Kindle. This time is Kindle Fire that offers amazing features like surf the web, download e-books, listen music. You can also download and play games on it to pass your time. The dual core processor in the device allows you to enjoy all the features with good speed.

Author bio : E-Book readers have become a basic necessity nowadays. So go through the list carefully and grab the best E-Book Reader in your pocket. In case, if you have Kindle Fire, then we have enlisted some of the best places to download free Kindle fire ebook on Geniusgeeks. You can follow our blog for more such useful information.