The new web phenomenon, Pinterest , just landed app for iPad and Android. Before going into details of these applications, I’ll try to explain what really Pinterest..a social network like no other.

Pinterest is one of the most popular social network available on the web. With a graphic impeccable Pinterest wants to be an “overlay” of social networks that have marked our minds as Twitter, Facebook or less known Foursquare.

After blogs where bloggers poured their sobs through long posts, Twitter has emerged in the “micro-blog”. With only 160 characters, it was possible to be heard. Pinterest is even easier, you will be able to pin on your board your photos or videos and organize them in categories. In the way of Facebook, you can “Like” or repost objects to leave your social footprint.

With Pinterest android app you can do following things,

  • Pin your inspirations to online pinboards so you can find them later
  • Check out categories to find inspiration for your life in areas like Design, Travel, or Food and Drink
  • Follow boards that interest you to discover even more
  • Create new pins with your camera

As per Pinterest co-founder Evan Sharp :

It’s a really different kind of browsing experience, It was really amazing because he was using that device exactly how we thought Pinterest would be used sometime in the future.

I have personally used Pinterest social network, so I’ll give you my opinion about this new social network :

  • The social network is predominantly “female” in fact lists “marriage” and “decoration” are legion.
  • Despite an ergonomic experience very interesting, there has not much.
  • It really feels to walk around a virtual mall in which brands and users bombard you with products, Pinterest has even made its business through affiliation.
  • These are e-tailers should rush headlong into this service.

Finally, given that this service still encounter some “success”, I invite you to test it by taking advantage of all new Pinterest android and iPad application.

Download Pinterest for Android | iPad