Remember when you were young desperately trying to blow up your neighbors mail-boxes with firecrackers? If so, you probably also remember the disappointment of failing to achieve that perfect explosion that, in your mind, would send the pieces flying for miles away.

HellFish Studios presents the award-winning new game – BlowThis! This game is designed to let you fulfill those dreams. Blow the objects to pieces, blast them up in the air or just simply pulverize them all together.

When the game starts, you have a very limited amount of nitro at your disposal. You place a bomb somewhere on screen, drag to set the amount of nitro you want to associate with it and finally release to ignite. To succeed in the game, you must be careful not to use more than necessary to fulfil your needs.

You can pick up more nitro as you advance in the game. Out of nitro? Go back and try to clear previous levels using less.

The objects consists of several different materials – all with different properties to provide you with a great challenge throughout the game. Lighter objects you can simply pulverize but heavier ones does require you to use a different strategy.

You earn rewards for really good scores. Post them on facebook or simply relax and feel that you are on top of the game.
But really, that BLAST-MASTER icon would look really good on facebook, wouldn’t it?

At HellFish We Are Not Selfish! What would you like to see in this game? For every 10.000 copies sold we will start a poll where players can vote for their new favorite feature they would like to see in the game. The result of this will be added to the game as a free download. Players can also send us their favorite proposals to be included in the poll.

Download BlowThis Free Game