Motorola is not as big companies like Nokia and Samsung. Acceptance of Android is a remarkable step taken by Motorola. In past few years Motorola had not made a big business or a big product. With the creation of Motorola Droid, Motorola has changed his name in the field of technology. This is the most beautiful and attractive piece of technology made by Motorola. This is the device which includes the Motorola in mainstream. So let us look at some key features of Motorola Droid.



Motorola Droid is simply beautiful and heart touching. It is luxurious. It has an amazing style. Phone consists of two pieces. Keyboard is on the lower side and the glass display is on top. So this makes Motorola Droid a sliding phone. Screen is of 3.7 inches. There are four buttons on bottom of display. The keyboard is much wide and clear. Its hardware is amazing and stunning.


Motorola Droid has a 600 MHz processor, 512 MB ROM and 256 MB RAM. It is fast and has an increase in speed. Different reviews said the same thing that this machine is powerful and fast. So internal is as good as external.


It has a 3.7 inch glassy touch screen. It has 480 by 854 resolutions. There is no multi touch as Android 2.0 does not support multi touch. Motorola Droid’s Screen, display and clarity make your eyes feel good.


As told before that Motorola Droid has an external keyboard. This keyboard made this mobile more stylish. Keyboard looks fine and works absolutely fine. Keyboard is smooth and easier to read. Some brightness mode problems are in key board. Sometimes light becomes too light and keyboard does not seems good. Motorola Droid has also an on screen keyboard. It is not as good as Iphone’s keyboard but it is still fair.


Let’s come to some entertaining stuff. Camera looks great and has a good result. Some drawbacks in camera as it have some sluggishness in focusing. It has a good result for distant scenarios but very poor for near scenarios. Video is good as compared to camera result. Motorola droid is able to produce 720 by 480 resolution video. So some stuff of camera is great and other needs to be refined.


Sound is very good. It is perhaps one of the best sounding devices. The sound of Motorola Droid is crystal clear and smooth.


Android 2.0 is installed in this luxurious phone. Android 2.0 is not as great as today versions of Android. You can see the main features of Android 2.0 from their website.

Battery life

There is a 1400 mille amperes battery inside that beautiful Motorola Droid. When used regularly it takes 24 hours to discharge. If you are playing music or some other sort of heavy work then battery life shrinks. Battery life is average as most of Motorola products have.

This phone has some drawbacks but overall it is a good phone launched by Motorola.

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