Every day we find more applications available for Android. Many of them are useful to us in our daily life, facilitating the work or providing hours of fun. However, increasingly more applications infiltrating the Play Store undesirable, despite Google’s efforts to implement and improve the algorithms that are responsible for analyzing and automatically detect potential applications that do not meet the standard of quality and safety.

Even, for various reasons, sometimes we can not install applications from the Play Store, but downloaded and installed the application from the .apk file directly. For all this, we need to install security software on our android phones.  Today we present you a security suite that many already know them by their computer security solutions, it is ESET Mobile Security.

If we choose to install the suite from the Play Store, we will get a trial period of 30 days to use the application. However, we can benefit from a promotion that enables the developer currently maintains, that would give us the possibility to use ESET Mobile Security for 90 days. For this, we complete the survey which is available on this link and, upon its completion, they will send a fully functional license for three months to the email address provided.

ESET Mobile Security features

  • Threat Protection:  All applications, files, folders and SD memory cards are analyzed continually in search of new threats, including hidden files and processes.
  • SMS/MMS Antispam:  You can group contacts by using whitelists and blacklists, blocking the messages of those contacts in the latter list. Furthermore, it also allows to block all communication from unknown numbers.
  • Call Blocking – Block unwanted calls in both directions – incoming and outgoing. This is a powerful tool especially suitable for parents to control their children’s phone bills.
  • Security Audit with Built-in Task Manager – Stay informed about all vital phone functions, including battery life, free disk space, running processes, Bluetooth and device visibility. Take action on the spot to reduce your risk profile.

Also check the main ANTI-THEFT FEATURES below :

  • Simple SMS commands to help you maintain control over your lost or stolen device
  • Remote LOCK: Lock phone remotely by SMS to prevent unauthorized access to data
  • Remote WIPE: Delete contacts, messages and memory cards
  • Localization: LOCATE lost or stolen phone by a remote SMS command

During the time that I had installed and I’ve tried ESET Mobile Security, has been detected in a couple of times malicious software to download and install certain applications on the Play Store. Also, I have not noticed any performance loss on your phone or an extra battery consumption.

Download ESET Mobile Security for Android