Android jelly bean is the latest operating system by Google. It has some pros and cons. Let we take a brief review of Android jelly beans newest version features.



Throughout the operating system there is little less neon blue color. Now in newest version there is a white color in notification area. Theme of operating system is dark with clean lines. It looks like a modern day operating system having exciting look. “Roboto”, the android’s custom font is used in operating system. Depending on the application running the share menu changes its display. Dialogs are made clearer. Overall it has a good design and display.


Newest version of android runs more smoothly then previous versions. Frame rate of operating system is set to 60 frames per second. This will not only improve the smoothness but also made things faster. There is a new feature introduced in it that is “triple buffering”. In this feature display, graphic processing unit and central processing unit runs without depending and waiting for each other. For removing small delays whenever you touch the screen the central processing unit runs to its full. This may consume little bit more power from battery but it improves performance. Newest version of android is more powerful and quicker than previous versions. Jelly bean is quicker in multitasking. So it is a speedy operating system.

Google now

Another important feature of Android jelly beans is Google now. There is a scrolling list placed vertically which has different cards.  It gives you information about what have you searched and what should you search. You can click them for different details but cannot change their order. It also includes a voice search option. So this may help you a lot.


Notifications look better. “Roboto”, the custom font of android is used. It also shows time, date and week. You can toggle on or off the notifications for certain application. This provides a custom setting option. The way you like you can adjust.

Home screen

Jelly bean has a home screen of five horizontal screens. There is a five icon dock present below the screens.  Google search is available on top. You can shift icons by placing them where you want.

Gallery and camera

Minor changes have been made in gallery and camera applications. These applications made jelly bean an elegant operating system.  You can swipe from recently photos to camera and vice versa. Press in to zoom and flicking up an image deletes it immediately.  Camera and gallery applications are more smooth and reliable as compared to previous versions.


Keyboard is nice looking. Words suggest appears while typing. It has also a feature of auto correction. If a word is missed it is auto corrected. Keyboard is easy to use.

Concluding all this it is an excellent operating system ever made by Google. It is elegant, fast, smooth and beautifully designed. Android jelly bean is one of the most high quality product launched by Google.

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