Surely many will remember Where’s My Water? ,the popular puzzle game from Disney. Where is my Perry? is it’s successor and has already reached the top category sales games in the Google Play Store in a few days since it was launched.

Just as its predecessor, is a game where you have to use water in its different states (solid, liquid and gas) to resolve the different levels that comprise each chapter.

The mechanism of the game is to remove the soil to direct water and steam through the ice, earth, rocks and use all elements of each level to drive the water  so you pick the three gnomes that appear in each part of the map and open the trapdoor to Agent Perry arrives at his headquarters. On this occasion, not only have to manipulate pipes, gears and other mechanisms, but as a new element to solve the levels, we find the  laser to change the status of water. Water has different states, and in this game you use to overcome all the puzzles.

In its current version consists of more than 80 levels divided into 4 chapters. However, over time, developers will be published progressively versions will incorporate new chapters with more levels, as has been happening with Where’s My Water and constant updates.


Where’s My Perry? is the best game and I really like it’s gameplay, since that guarantees many hours of gameplay through various levels.

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