Finally the next version of Android OS Jelly Bean is here. Named Jelly Bean, Android 4.1 puts plenty of new features and performance updates. Jelly Bean, Android 4.1 was announced at the keynote address this morning at Google I/O 2012.

Today Google has made a guest appearance and, without being a radical, includes exciting new features and makes Android the best operating system to date.

Project Butter

Firstly, Jelly Bean focuses on performance. More specifically, improving UI responsiveness. Google has dedicated a whole project codenamed Butter to improving Android performance. Many users say it feels iOS go faster and smoother than Android. This was caused by the refresh rate, which was higher in IOS. This frequency has been increased with this version of Android , giving it more speed and a greater sense of fluidity to the system.

Smart Notifications

Notifications are one of the strengths in Android so always interesting improvements introduced. From now on, we can expand the notifications to show us extra information. For example, they have shown us with Pulse, where the slide down, we can see the new items with pictures and everything.

Also, another novelty in the notification bar is the ability to interact with an application without actually entering it . For example, we like to make a Foursquare or Facebook from the notification itself without having to enter the application. In the version for tablets, this bar will now display by sliding up and down half a screen is displayed, similar to the iPad. Be seen whether this is just for the Nexus 7 or all incorporate this release tablets.

Smart Widgets

Now, when we insert a widget on the home screen, all icons will be aligned automatically to make room for the widget. Also, in case of impossibility, it will automatically reduce the size of the widget. This makes our home screen is much more intelligent and fits what we do, predicting any action of ours.

Camera Interface and Gallery

Now, if we want to access the gallery, simply make a horizontal scroll to see our last image captured, or continue sliding to see previous captures . We may also make pinch to zoom out the images and move much faster between our catches. If we do not like any of them, we can slide up or down to clear it. An interface very similar to what we currently have in Windows Phone.

Improvements to the keypad

The keypad will now learn from us. According to the word that we introduce will give us, without actually writing anything, some words that can continue that sentence.  Also, from now we can use voice dictation although we are offline , making the Android keyboard even better and easier to use.

Google Search

We all expected to Majel or something similar to compete with Siri and it has even come disguised as a remodeling of Google Search. We ask our Android by thousands of things like time, the president of a country or a thousand other things.


It will be available in July for Nexus devices (Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 7, Nexus S and Motorola Xoom), while the SDK you can download it today if you are developers.

To go a little quenching the thirst of Jelly Bean, See the video above of how is this new version of the Google operating system Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.