Foursquare, the popular location-based “check in” app, received a welcomed and dramatic update this past week. After three years of a steady design, which was hugely successful and built foursquare a community of 20 million members who have checked-in more than two billion times.

Foursquare has been redesigned to improve usability and help users discover. Foursquare itself is touting the update as a whole new app rather than simply a new look.


Foursquare developers chose a highly visual design to simplify the app. The new app has less text and half the buttons, and relies much more on visuals. The goal was to help users quickly find what they are looking for and photos are the prime way to do this because, as they say, every picture is worth one thousand words.

Foursquare now packs in swipeable photos that easily and efficiently communicate to users the feel for the location to help them decide if it is somewhere they should visit. Also, users are now able to “like” and comment on their friends’ activity.

Simplified discovery

Foursquare is all about discovery and inspiring users to visit new places and try new things. The Explore tab has gotten a lot smarter and makes personalized recommendations based on time of day, your check-in history, your friends’ check-in history, as well as the more than two billion check-ins from all of foursquare’s users. For example, as I write this, the app makes suggestions for Sunday evening and asks if I’m “up for a drink?” or looking for “a spot to shop nearby.”

By default, the app will suggest Top Picks for you, but it can make recommendations for places with specials, shopping, nightlife, arts, trending locations, and more. Search is also personalized based on where you are, where you and your friends have been, and other similar users.

Check-in faster

You can now check-in from anywhere within the app with less clicks. The check-in button, which used to be only on one part of the app, now sits on the top right of every screen. The app is also much speedier too!

New profiles

The profile tab has been redesigned with a much prettier iconic look. Quickly tap to see your friends, stats (such as mayorships, points, and where you rank among your friends), photos, tips, badges, lists, and check-in history. See the following video for more details :

[vimeo width=”600″ height=”400″]43585926[/vimeo]

The new update is already available for iPhone and Android devices, and Blackberry users will receive a update in a few weeks.

About author : This article is written by August Drilling is a blogger and Apple fanatic who works with FortePromo, online suppliers of custom flash drives and other promotional products.

Download: Foursquare for Android Source: Foursquare blog