Microsoft has just announced Xbox Smart Glass. This is the E3 2012, a big event for all gamers around the world! Of course, we expect a lot of news about the mobile games. Microsoft has, for example, to announce formally the Xbox Smart Glass.

Xbox Smart Glass allows you to connect to your Xbox from your Android smartphone or tablet. Like the experience of some set-top box providers of Internet access, it will be possible to watch a movie on it, then go home and continue playing on Xbox salon. You can also use your smartphone as a trackpad / mouse to browse the Internet, because Internet Explorer also arrives on Xbox 360.

And to steal the spotlight from Nintendo that paves the way for the U Wii with its touch pad, Xbox Smart Glass will also use their smartphone or tablet in its Xbox 360 games. Indeed, publishers can use a development kit to be able to add functionality to the Xbox. Check out the video below :

[youtube width=”500″ height=”300″]BS300cA8E6I[/youtube]

In the even Microsoft  displayed trailers for several other games, including Fable: The Journey, Gears of War Judgement, Forza Horizon and a South Park RPG. They also demoed Wreckateer, a castle smasher Kinect game that looks like a cross between Angry Birds and Castle Crashers.

After Kinect, Xbox Smart Glass seems to be the big project that will restore a youthful look to the Xbox 360 before welcoming it’s successor.