Free Android Apps for Sports Fanatics. Whether you’re an exercise addict or you prefer watching the action from the comfort of your sofa, the way we get involved in sports is changing. With Twitter and Facebook growing in popularity daily, we share our excitement and collectively groan through the medium of social media. The Internet age has helped transform the way we look at, and participate in sports.

Android Apps for Sports Fanatics

And another partnership that, on paper, shouldn’t work; is sports and your smart phone. Not only can we watch some of our favorite sporting events on our mobile phones and tablet devices, we can keep up with all the latest news and scores. And even more surprisingly to some, our mobile phone can act as our personal trainer.

Here we look at 10 of the best Android apps for sports fans. First, the top 5 for sofa supporters:

1. ESPN ScoreCenter

ESPN ScoreCenter is a free app that delivers real-time scores from hundreds of the world’s most popular sporting leagues. The app also delivers sporting news and league tables, making sure you never miss a moment. The app covers everything from the NFL and Premier League, to the Ashes and Formula One. Some of the key features to note include: personalized scoreboards, myTeams which allows you to follow your favorite teams on one screen, and in depth news and analysis.

2. Sky Sports News

Another free app for sporting fans, Sky Sports News is a comprehensive app with dedicated sports news and results. The app delivers the latest news, scores, fixtures and much more as they happen. Users can also access exclusive video and radio content so you can what interviews and reactions to all the top news. Featured sports on the app include football, cricket, golf and boxing.

3. ScoreMobile: Sports & Scores

With more focus on American sports, ScoreMobile is the perfect app for NBA and NFL lovers. This Android app includes full coverage of the latest baseball, hockey, basketball, soccer and cricket results. As well as giving you the latest scores, the app also provides you with betting odds and push alerts when your team scores.

4. NFL ‘12

If it’s a sports-specific app you’re after, the NFL ‘12 app could be perfect for you. Suitable for both mobiles and tablets, NFL ’12 keeps you up-to-date on the latest results in the American Football league. Some of the key features include video highlights, news announcements and team, player or match push notifications.

5. Racing Post

If you’re into your horse racing, you have to download the Racing Post app. Complete with the latest tips, race cards, news, and results; you’ll always be in the know. This free app is one of the most popular downloads on Google Play and is a necessity for all horse lovers.

There are also a whole host of apps out there for exercise addicts and fitness fanatics. Here are the top 5 for you:

6. MapMyRun GPS Running Jog

MapMyRun tracks the route, distance, pace, calories burned and more in real-time.  The app is perfect for people training or just keeping fit as it tracks everything you would need to know. Whether you’re a serious runner, casual jogger, or just trying to lose weight; this app is perfect for you.

7. Lifting Log

More and more people are taking up weight training to help build their core strength. If this sounds like you, Lifting Log is the ideal workout tracker. It tracks your working on a per-exercise basis and doesn’t require the filling in of lots of details. It simply tracks your reps and weigh progress per exercise and produces a regular graph update. Exercises featured include bench presses, squats and military presses.

8. Workout Trainer

If you’re not a gym bunny but you want to get fit, Workout Trainer can help you achieve your fitness goals. The free app features multiple exercises, and you’re guided through with timed audio, photo and video. The app is like your own personal trainers and helps you work out in the comfort of your own home. And the best thing is, you don’t need any equipment.

9. Endomondo Sports Tracker

If you’re working out alone or with friends, you can track your fitness in real-time with Endomondo Sports Tracker. Available in a free and paid-for version, this app aims to make running, walking, and cycling fun. Features include tracking of time, distance, speed, and calories, feedback for every mile you run, and a summary of each workout.

10. Yoga Workout Planner

Finally, Yoga Workout Planner helps you master this popular way of keeping fit. With a step-by-step demonstration and your one personal instructor, it couldn’t be easier. The sessions vary in length and are updated regularly so you’re never bored.

All android apps featured in this post are available to download from Google Play and are fabulous ways of keeping fit and keeping up-to-date with your favorite sports. With the weather warming up, there has never been a better time to get fit – for free.

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