Facebook , which recently crossed billion subscribers, and also they will enter in the stock market very soon, introduced a brand new lot of noise with a new service called App Center.

App Center is nothing less than a distribution platform application like Google Play store, App Store, Amazon Store, App Orange, in short a market place but the number of potential user exceeds a billion!

The service is currently not available to the general public and reserved exclusively for developers so they will place their applications. Each application must follow rules and be subject to validation prior to publication (as is done in many other stores, except Google Play). Users will have a website and an Android application (and IOS) to navigate and select the applications they wish to install. Applications may be free or not (or even free with paid content, it is called  in-app purchase or payment in-app ).

The App Center is designed to grow mobile apps that use Facebook – whether they’re on iOS, Android or the mobile web. From the mobile App Center, users can browse apps that are compatible with their device, and if a mobile app requires installation, they will be sent to download the app from the App Store or Google Play. To grow your mobile app through the App Center, your app needs to use Facebook Login.

Initially, App Center that will distribute free applications (payment system being accessible only to some developers in beta mode). As on other distribution platforms, each application will be detailed and will have many screenshots and presentation graphics.

Such a service provided by Facebook will generate greater vitality of applications. If today be present on all distribution platforms Android application may seem difficult , we think that publishers have an incentive to take steps to integrate it right after Google Play.

Source : Facebook blog