Here is the good news for android users, Flipboard For Android is now available for download unofficially. Flipboard smartphone app first launched for iOS devices like iPhone and iPad and Android users like me have  been hoping that this most popular app to launch for beloved platform. Yet the official team of Flipboard says that, Flipboard For Android is currently available for Samsung Galaxy S III in the event a week ago and we finally got confirmation that droids is going to be having a bit of Flipboard action.

Last week in the event held in London when Samsung finally unveiled the almighty Galaxy S3, it also announced that the handset will come exclusively loaded with Flipboard for Android.

There’s no word yet on when the official app launch on Google play store, but if you want to get it early, one enterprising Android hacker has the key. The XDA user Valcho somehow came across the official application and has it available for everyone to download at the link below. All you’ve got to do is allow the installation of non-market apps in the settings and you’re simply good to go.

“It’s simple, I just had a Galaxy S3 lying around and I extracted the .apk using AirDroid. So, there you go,” he says. To install it, head over to the forum (link below) and download said .apk file.

Download Flipboard for Android apk