Google did a fantastic job in regards to adding little surprises to our cell phones, apps and easter eggs within Google Search itself. This latest easter egg found comes about when you Google Search “Zerg Rush”, everyone ought to know what this means. For some odd reason if you’ve been living in the cage for many years, Zerg Rush is a reference to a highly popular classic game called StarCraft. Funny enough, ‘Zerg Rush’ is also the name of one of the latest exploits used in rooting many of our Android Phones which includes been improving in the future.

So If you got a bit of time for you to kill, why don’t you give it a shot and let the games begin. Why not type “Zerg rush” into Google today and see what happens to your screen? It goes to prove that Google still retains their spontaneity, as “O”s which will appear in orange-yellow and red colors begin to invade your screen, slowly knocking out your “defenses” which are actually the search results themselves.

As we all knows that Google has a long tradition of hidden ‘Easter Eggs’ – as well as its famous Google Doodles. So try this one and let us know, what you think about this new Easter Egg!