I am glad to present you the new free forfone android app which combines all the benefits of telephony and messaging services like Skype, Viber and WhatsApp in one single app. This makes forfone the telephony of the future for your Smartphone.

Your can call and send free text and picture messages in the US and abroad without registering or any change of their mobile plan.

forfone Android App in a few words:

  • Free worldwide calls, text and picture messages between forfone users.
  • If you are registered with a British, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch or Swiss phone number you can call for free to national landline phones – 100 minutes for free every month.
  • Without registration, no password, no username, no buddy lists
  •  Text messages with geolocation
  • Easy and comfortable like making traditional calls or sending text messages!

No Roaming cost when calling from abroad. When you are abroad with your android device you can make calls, send text and picture messages without any roaming costs. Simply use a wifi connection. From as low as 1.9 Cent you can also make worldwide calls to contacts who do not use forfone.

All forfone services are completely free, there is no basic fee and no hidden costs. Free worldwide calls, free worldwide text and picture messages to all forfone users. All contacts in your phonebook will automatically have a ‘forfree’ indication as soon as they have installed the forfone app.

Download forfone Android App