Yes, you heard it right, now you can install  Android Market on Kindle Fire. Kindle Fire is the tablet from the Amazon and it runs official Market Place which is Amazon App Store, but many users who would want to make use of the Power of Android Market Place. And Yes, we can Install Android Market on Kindle Fire and you can use Google android apps on Kindle fire tablet.



Here is the simple tutorial which will guide you on how you can do that! All credits goes to Jolleyboy over at XDA-Developers for sharing his method with us that seems to be working out quite nicely.

Requirements :

Install  Google Play store/ Android Market on Kindle Fire

  1. Download the Google Apps from the link above and extract them.
  2. Connect the Kindle Fire to your computer in mass storage mode and copy the apps to some folder on the root of your SD card. Once copied, remove the device as a storage device and run ES File Explorer on the device. Browse to the folder with all the apps and select GoogleServicesFramework.apk to install it.
  3. Restart the device after installation.
  4. Now Repeat Step 3 for all the apps you want to install on your device except for
  5. Now install the Google Play app ( Android Market app ) with the following step;
  6. In ES File Explorer, make sure to enable Root Explorer and Mount File System, so that you have complete read/write access in the /system partition.
  7. Browse to and copy the app to /System/app.
  8. Once copied, keep the file pressed and select Properties. Change the permissions of the file to: User= Read, Write | Group= Read | Other= Read.
  9. That’s it, Now simply reboot the device.

After rebooting select Market App. Congratulations, you have successfully installed android market on Kindle Fire! All that remains is to open the Android Market app and log in with your Google account.