The Apple iPhone when released in 2007 revolutionised the ways mobile phones would be used forever. Never again would a mobile phone solely be used for the purpose of calling, answering, sending and receiving SMS messages. Much of the extra functionality a smartphone brings, are provided by the applications or apps for short.

These range from anything from radio functionality to games. Although Android does not offer as many apps in its Market as Apple’s Appstore, there are some excellent paid Android apps that are available for purchase.

1. Easy Tether : $9.73

Although anything above five dollars on the Android Market is considered expensive, Easy Tether is one worth looking into and buying. The initial price allows you to use your Android mobile phone as a 3G modem, which means you do not have to rely on WIFI hotspots.

This allows you to activate the app, access the phone’s 3G capabilities with your laptop, and use the internet all on your laptop computer. There is a free version, but works only for casual browsing and refuses secure https connections, making much of your internet browsing obsolete.

2. Beautiful Widgets : $2.49

Selected by Google as an Android Editor’s choice and first paid application to reach 1 million downloads, Beautiful Widgets brings you the ability to customise the look of your Android phone’s GUI. If you’re tired of the same old look, go check this app out. Reminiscent of the HTC Sense Ui, this app brings clock, weather, date and toggle widgets with skin and theme support.

3. Vignette  : $3.99

To be frank, the camera app that come provided default with an Android phone is quite terrible. Thankfully Vignette provides you with customisation tools such as film and camera effects, flash, front facing camera support, self-timer, time-lapse and digital zoom. Vignette really opens up the camera functionality on an Android phone, making it a good alternative to a digital camera.

4. Shazam : $4.49

Have you ever heard a song that you absolutely love but don’t know the name of it? It’s all happened to us at some point when we’re listening to the radio. Shazam allows you to point your phone in the general direction of the music, and identifies the song for you. Not only does it give you the title of the song, it provides the Artist name, lyrics and even a link to Amazon for purchasing the song.

5. SwiftKey X Keyboard : $3.99

Supporting thirty-five different languages, the SwiftKey app makes typing on your Android phone an easier task. It learns the way you type and will correct the text you type in a much more natural manner than other keyboards. This app can ‘predict’ what you are going to type next and will make typing faster and more efficient.

If you know more useful paid android apps, then you can share with us via comments below.