When you own a large business or manage a significant number of external employees, android spy app can be an invaluable resource that can truly help take a company to the next level when leveraged properly. With this powerful cell phone spy app, you will be privy to your employee’s activities at all times and can then use this information to refine company policies and enhance overall employee performance.

Specifically, Android Spy and similarly advanced smart phone monitoring tools can help take your business to the next level helping you:

1. Manage Outside or Contract Employees More Efficiently

When you have a large business, chances are you may have a great number of external employees.  Android Spy is designed to help you instantly locate any monitored smart phone using advanced GPS technology.  Managers can use the tracking information being relayed by the cell phone spy application to help channel personnel more efficiently to work assignments, new sales opportunities, and to respond faster to emergency situations.   To help identify trends and help shape future policy, Spy Android also includes a Location History feature that records all movement from the moment the software is installed.

2. Help Cut Down on Personal Cell Phone Use with Android Spy app

Not only will cell phone spy applications tell you where your employees are, it can also tell you when they are using their cell phone for personal uses. If they are wasting time calling friends, texting family members or handling personal business, the Android Spy will monitor and record everything for future employee discipline actions.  After installing cell phone spy software on employee-issued phones, businesses often see an 80-90% reduction in personal use.  Over the course of a year, that means that Android Spy can potentially boost your overall profits and employee productivity.

3. Increase Employee Compliance With Your Policies Using Android Spy

When your workers and external employees know that you have the ability to keep an eye on what they are doing, they will be less likely to spend their time fooling around or not complying with company policies. You will lower your liability risks and raise your earning potential when you implement and announce the implementation and use of cell phone spy software.  Android Spy will let you make sure your workers are working the right way, and it will be as low cost to you as possible.

Yes, companies can significantly decrease personal cell phone use, improve coordination and efficiency of external employees, and boost compliance in policies and procedures using applications like Android Spy Software.  But before buying any cell phone spy application, make sure it includes these critical features:

  • Location Monitoring
  • IM, Email and Chat Log
  • Call Recording
  • Live Listen Mode
  • Video and Picture Log
  • Internet History