iBuildApp just release 4 new app templates including one for small business, restaurants, musicians, and E-book publishers. The apps are free to build and are available for a variety of mobile platforms.

iBuildApp presents four new, amazing, free and professional app templates for small business. With the apps, it’s simple to build Android apps, with no programming skills. The apps can also be built for the iPhone and Andriod phones.

About iBuildApp

iBuildApp is a new startup in the Mobile app marketplace, that makes it easy and affordable for any business to build and manage mobile apps. iBuildApp hosts over 25,000 mobile apps from 100+ different countries. Our mobile content management platform provides a cost effective solution for businesses to build and optimize their mobile presence for all smartphone devices.

4 New Stunning Templates on iBuildApp include:

1. Mobile App for Restaurants and Bars

Simple and elegant, this design is perfect for any restaurant or bar. Impress your clients before they walk in the door. Include menus, take reservations, or post pictures of dishes.

2. Mobile App for Musicians

Anyone can build an app to let their fans listen to and follow their music. Add videos, songs and concert dates. Also tie a blog into the iPhone App.

3. Mobile App for E-book Publishers and Small Business


Publish your book on iPhone! Tell your story and stay connected with your readers. With this mobile app a small business can tell their customers everything they need to know about the business.

iBuildApp is an ideal way to go mobile. The apps are hosted by iBuildApp and there are no startup costs, no subscription fees and no coding required. There is no need to download software, it’s all done online. The interface is intuitive to use and makes it simple to update or add to an app once published.

“We are helping more small businesses reach new customers through mobile apps. We have seen 400% growth in the number of users in the last 3 months. Over 20,000 small business owners and consultants have built mobile apps in our site,” said Rafael Soultanov, CEO of iBuildApp.

There are now over 25,000 mobile apps on the site, which is close to 3% market penetration.