It’s time to big celebration over at Samsung Headquarters as the Korean cell phone company announced that the critically acclaimed Samsung Galaxy S2 has hit a whopping 20 million sales worldwide.

In early 2011, they announced that the 10 million Galaxy S sold. Later that year, they reported that the Galaxy S and Samsung Galaxy S2 had exceeded 30 million units sold in 15 months (the Galaxy S, introduced in July 2010, 20 million units and Samsung Galaxy S2 , launched in Korea last April and May in France, 10 million units). 

This time, they just announced they sold 20 million Samsung  Galaxy S2 in less than ten months. A performance for which Samsung should have now surpassed the 40 million Galaxy S and S2. According to Samsung, taking just 10 months to hit the mark puts it ahead of the original Galaxy S (hovering around 22 million sold) by 7 months. 

Recall that the iPhone 4S had over 4 million copies sold in one weekend, while it took 55 days to Samsung to surpass 3 million copies of  Samsung Galaxy S2. We have no unofficial figures, however, analysts said, the iPhone 4S could also exceed 30 million units sold in early 2012.

A real numbers game … what you think ?