Email Enhanced is an application developed by Quantum Solutions and which is regularly priced at $9.99 in Android Market. With this application you can increase your productivity with this lightweight email client. You can integrate contacts and access their Exchange accounts, POP and IMAP from this single app.

You can also integrate and adapt the calendar folders and text. Search mails, shortcuts and a widget of unread emails. With Enhanced Email, will definitely increase your productivity. With this best android email client you can easily aggregate all of your e-mail accounts into a single location. You can always keep in touch with your friends and family with this lightweight android email client. With Enhanced Email you can synchronize calendar, contacts and email with your Exchange server.

Enhanced Email apk features Microsoft’s innovative Active sync technology and is licensed to use it from Microsoft using the same license such as power houses Apple Inc and HTC. The focus with Enhanced Email is to offer a mobile application that continues to evolve as the needs of its users evolves. That is why we offer such a large community of support and interaction to keep a close ear to what the users want.

Enhanced Email : Android Email Client Features :

  • Full E-Mail search including message text!
  • Custom font when sending messages.
  • Pinch to zoom when viewing a message.
  • Disable syncing of deletes from phone to server (Exchange)
  • Auto-BCC
  • Full HTML inbound/outbound.

Enhanced Email also supports for the PUSH for Mail/Contacts/Calendar and have the ability to sync “ALL” E-mail option (Exchange). So guys which android email client you are using on your phone other than default email client.

Link : Enhanced Email -Android Email Client