This Sunday, I bring you some new updates related to Zombie Wonderland 2,  the studio Xoobis just released this android game Zombie Wonderland 2 on Google’s Android Market.

Zombie Wonderland 2: Outta Time! is a wild romp into the crazy, zombie-filled universe of Chuck, Niceville’s own Zombie Cleaner, on an quest to rid the town from the undead pests once and for all! With frantic gameplay, zombies in wonderland : Outta Time! is the unique combination of Survival Cleaning, Time Mismanagement and Shoot’em Zombies gameplay genres.

In mind, it makes me think of the mod Zombies in Call of Duty on PC, where you have to barricade the doors to prevent pest passing. Obviously, the more forward the sleeves and the game becomes more complex in itself as vermin wants to knock out any cost to the barricades.Well in Zombie Wonderland 2, it’s a bit the same scenario a Call of Duty (zombie mode) or a Last Stand Android: Survive or puncture. Is the motto of this little game designed in a universe in three dimensions.

Zombie Wonderland 2 Features :

  1. Travel back in time with Chuck, and fight through the hordes of undead in this action packed adventure!
  2. Pick your anti-zombie arsenal carefully, as there are dozens of wacky weapons to use against the shuffler’s onslaught!
  3. 31 Missions, 12 different places to fight, 25 different types of zombies, big and small, to make your life very complicated – fast!
  4. Amazing layered orchestral soundtracks, along with tons of sound effects and elaborate voice-overs.

On the handling part, this is clearly a breeze to learn, however good, you need a smartphone powerful enough to make it work properly. On Google Nexus S, it works very smooth, while the web version of the Android Market and found that it is more compatible (who knows why!). After installing it, I had to run it twice before finally tasting a small piece of cake, because the game is fun to do small loads the launch of a curly handle.

Download : Zombie Wonderland 2