Do you know CloudMagic ? It is a powerful search engine that integrates quickly to your Gmail account, Google Apps and Twitter. A mobile version of CloudMagic for Android and iPhone is now available for download.

Search engines on smartphones are not very efficient. For example, it is impossible to search the text of a message on the iPhone. Or search for emails with a PDF attachment.

Now you can easily search across Twitter, Gmail, Google Apps, Docs, Calendar and Contacts from desktop or mobile. Look at the following awesome features included in the CloudMagic for Android and iPhone app.

  • Super Fast Search :  Lists relevant tweets, emails, docs, calendar events and contacts instantly as you type. Saves hours each week.
  • Multiple Accounts :  Search across all your Gmail, Google Apps and Twitter accounts in a single place.
  • Multiple Devices : Works across desktop and smartphones
  • Quick Preview : Allows you to quickly preview and take common actions like Reply, Retweet, etc.
  • Partial Search : You can find the right tweet, email, doc, calendar event or contact even if you know just the first few letters of what you are looking for.

Android and iPhone versions of CloudMagic come partly solve this shortcoming. In fact, you can search simultaneously on Gmail, Google Docs, Contacts, Calendar and Twitter from the application. In addition, you can preview the information without leaving the application. If you use the services mentioned above, immediately install this application on your smartphone.

Link : CloudMagic for Android | iPhone