There were already informal versions of Steam app for Android, finally developers announced here, officially, the version of Steam app for Android. Founded in 2003 by Valve, Steam is a multimedia platform for distributing content online together a range of services dedicated to gamers. Among these services, you can download games for your PC / MAC in a free and paid, additional content for the latter, to automatically update, manage, multiplayer games and also have access to community tools around the games using the Steam service.

Today, Valve studios unveiled the official steam chat app for android which gives users the opportunity to chat with friends online, browse user profiles and community groups, list of latest news about the platform, as well as access to the huge store that is the Steam store.

As per official blog :

Update On Closed Beta Progress: We have now granted access to the first 95,000 people who attempted to log in using the app and we plan on increasing that number steadily. We want to make sure that mobile experience is good for everyone who participates and the safest way to do that is to gradually let users in. We appreciate the patience of those of you who have not yet received a beta invitation.

Casual or frequent user of the platform, you will certainly find in this application that was missing an essential tool for your smartphone or tablet running Android.

  • Compatible with Android 2.1 and above versions
  • Application Size ~ 500 kb

Now you can instantly access your favorite games, as over 1,100 games are available to purchase, download, and play from any computer. Check out the new releases, indie hits, casual favorites and everything in between.

Chat with your Steam friends, browse community groups and user profiles, read the latest gaming news and stay up to date on unbeatable Steam sales. The service is currently in beta testingyou must be registered to enjoy it. To do so, simply log in, then wait a little validation from Steam. Download steam app for android 2.2 and above versions from the following link.

Download Steam App for Android | iOS