You need stable 3g connection, but you haven’t time or money to turn for the professionals to amplify it? How to enhance the 3g signal and to boost the speed of your modem with the help of a 3g repeater and an antenna?

Firstly, you have to make sure that your home is in the coverage area of your 3g operator that provided you the modem. So you house or office is in the cover zone, but the 3g signal inside the building is low or absent at all. There is a solution of such problem – to use the 3g signal booster. To increase the 3g signal your own hands you will need an external antenna, an internal antenna, a coax cable, some n-type connectors, the bracket for mounting an external antenna on the facade or the roof of the house and the instruments, of course. The cable length is individual for each case, but the shorter is the cable, the less the signal fades in. What concern connectors, their installation requires some experience. So you can order a kit with already pre-installed connectors.

The main thing is the higher is the antenna, the better signal and the higher speed of the Internet you will have. So you can install your antenna on the roof or find another variant that is appropriate for height if there is no exit to the roof. How to determine the direction of the antenna? For this you need to know where the mobile base station is situated. You can do it in two ways: by experience – to take the laptop and see where the modem will work on 3g or ask your mobile operator about the estimated location of the cell base station.

Your interior antenna and the 3g signal amplifier are installed inside the building. The most time-consuming moments in the whole installation are to hang the outside antenna on the roof or the facade and to mount connectors carefully.

So you see that it is easy to increase your 3g signal your own hands. And at the same time you can always turn for the help or consultation for professionals.