Too bad, this feature is not natively integrated with Android, because it would prove quite useful in everyday life. You can now easily set a bar with customizable  height, place like bottom or top of tour screen and color like it can even change according to battery level with TEAM battery bar.

Developed in pvyParts , TEAM Battery Bar gives the user the option of adding a discrete battery indicator on the screen of their smartphone. So yes, you will tell me that the battery is already specified in the notification bar. This is precisely where it gets interesting, the indicator in question would remain continuously displayed, even in applications that require the entire screen-to run (eg, media player, games, etc.).

TEAM Battery Bar Features include :

  • Selectable Colors : Static Color, Auto-Magicaly Color (Low Med Reg Charge), Auto Detection of screen Width
  • Selectable Height.
  • Selectable Alignment

For my part, I’m currently trying it and it does not consume more battery than that. I especially liked the customization options offered by the application. For example, it is possible to change the size, location and colors. Because yes, you can choose colors based on the percentage of remaining battery and then just let it all static.

Download TEAM Battery Bar