With Unlock Root you can now root any android device in One click. Unlock Root can unlocks and roots more than 250 Android Devices. For Beginners who wants to root their android phones, no more tedious command lines to type since the software UnlockRoot is now accessible to all. This is the most easy and simple program to get root permissions and make Unroot available.

What is Unlock Root :

This software allows you to grant or withdraw ‘superuser ‘ rights to your mobile device, without typing any command line. The handling is simple, you must connect your device to your computer (Windows compatible only) and apply the super-user rights. When you apply the super-user rights to your terminal, take care that this operation is at your own risk.

In addition, your device must first be recognized by Windows, which displays a distinct name in the Device Manager connected via USB to your computer. For example, it can be called Google Nexus S ADB Interface or another name that comes close. Anyway, your device must be strictly recognized by the computer. Otherwise, it simply does not work. If your mobile device (smartphone, tablet) is not recognized by the computer, you can always refer to the section appropriate for your device on our forum to find the drivers (drivers) USB Camera.

As a last resort, if your device is still recognized by the computer but the root does not always happen, go to Section 2.2 of this topic that you will list step by step to manipulation for the device is recognized by the computer. And be sure to check if your device appears well in the list below.

Check Device compatibility list and Download Unlock Root