You are aware that some essential features are missing in the web browser of Android Ice Cream Sandwich. Therefore,  ICS Browser Plus is designed, it’s the improved alternative to the mobile web browser.

ICS Browser Plus takes an aesthetic identical to the mobile web browser by default, however, it fills some features that were missing in the past. Based on the ICS browser, this browser version adds some handy extra functions. For now only three extra function are added, listed below :

  • Option to get extra quick controls.
  • Possibility to set the User Agent string.
  • Option to use volume keys for scrolling.

More functions will be added a long the way.  To activate the extra quick controls, go to settings -> labs and to set the User Agent String and/or enabling the volume keys for scrolling, go to settings -> advancedICS browser plus is compatible with Android 4.0 and the application Size 3.2 MB.

Download ICS Browser Plus