Planet Balls : Android Game. In a galaxy far, there was a planet inhabited by happy balls. The inhabitants of the planet lived in harmony under the leadership of their King, but an unlucky day, a terrible enemy appeared on the horizon: it was the evil Dark Cube that made them all prisoners.

Planet Balls is a cross between a puzzle and an arcade. The player is called to free the inhabitants of the planet (and their King), trapped in a prison made of blocks stacked one above the other, building a safe path that will lead them to the right door. Many of the exit doors are closed and to open them you need to collect the key of the corresponding color.

There are have different types of blocks: fixed, mobile (erasable), intermittent, explosive, walkable only one time or in a single direction and even invisible blocks. Planet Balls integrates an animated tutorial that clearly explains the dynamics of the game as well as provide important tips to overcome certain obstacles easily.

The level of difficulty of the game is mainly related to the knowledge of the levels: once a trap/trick is discovered you can overcome it relatively easily, without getting eternally stuck in the same part. Planet Balls is a game for everyone which, like a puzzle, will test our reasoning skills but, as an arcade, requires actions to overcome difficulties that are mainly time-related.

Planet Balls game is available in a demo version (with only the first 5 playable levels) and a commercial full version.

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