Angry Piggy (Adventure) is a FPS game that describes how a special police, who is framed, breaks the prison and destroys a mystical experimental base in an island. The player can operate a variety of weapons and equipment, but a constantly upgrade of them required to meet more powerful enemies in the later story Android 2.0 and up.

Remember the green pigs and the stupid birds in Angry Birds? This time, you’ll meet cooler, cuter and smarter Piggy and Bird—Steezy and Haden! But they don’t shoot and defend, instead, they are good friends now! What’s more, a powerful cow Moochew joins this cool team to restore their home island.

Angry Piggy Features :

  • Transferred from a hot iOS game with the same title
  • Alternative controls: either gravity sensitivity or virtual buttons that are easy to use and just feel right
  • Over 40 challenging and puzzling physics-based levels
  • Over 40 Achievements and Leaderboards to compete with your friends
  • Switch between characters to perform best teamwork
  • Explore the unique islands from Ukurawe to Hoddanfield: unlockable challenges, secrets and rewards
  • Dramatic and dreamy art design which looks amazing on your device
  • Original soundtrack with an emotive piano tune

Piggy Adventure is the best android game which is just reeks of quality. Puzzle fans ought to get a lot out of this one. If you enjoy playing Angry birds, then you can also take a look at new adventure of Angry Piggy.

You will find a game similar to The Lost Vikings, which is a good thing. If they can fix the loading issue, that would be great. Give it a try and share your views about Angry Piggy (Adventure) with us via comments below.