Regina 3D Launcher is the free exciting and dynamic launcher available for the android which gives 3D effects and much more. Regina 3D Launcher Launcher provides 3D animation and many new features.

There are number of launchers available which are in 3D. There is a new 3D Sense, or SPB Shell 3D. The first will be, initially, only available on the HTC Sensation and the second is too expensive. It is difficult to compare with Regina 3D Launcher with 3D SPB Shell, but a free application, it is the best.

Regina 3D Launcher Features :

  • Intuitive 3D workspace browser.
  • Separate wallpaper for each workspace.
  • Secret workspaces where you can hide some of your app shortcuts and widgets for your privacy .
  • Regina widgets (full 3D widgets).
  • All widgets and shortcuts can be positioned freely without much restrction in workspaces .
  • Uninstall apps from workspace directly.
  • Create folders(also live folders) in folders.

Now create folders, in your workspace and even in folders. And navigate folders with more fun. 16 shortcuts is maximum capacity for each folder. The Launcher is fairly standard in its presentation. It can display widgets and icons. The dock at the bottom shows two shortcuts. But it acts as a slider.

To move from one home screen to another, just drag a finger to the right / left. Unlike existing launchers, a 3D overview of the different home screens is displayed. Note that it is even possible to assign a name for each screen and act independently of each other. Therefore, when you change the wallpaper, only the current desktop is changed.

Download Regina 3D Launcher Free