Yeah, you heard it right, this time NITDroid, managed to put Android 4.0 on the Nokia N900. A team named NITDroid Project has set a target to run Android 4.0 Ice cream sandwitch on Nokia internet tablets. Here’s the Nokia N900 just pass them between the fingers, they managed to run Android 4.0 aka Ice Cream Sandwich on this device. To recap, the Nokia N900 running Maemo 5 initially – it’s a  mini computer with phone features.

Drunkdebugger says that the hack is in “pre-pre-alpha”, so it’s probably not something you’ll want to try just yet. Check out the following video for more details;

With this port of Ice Cream Sandwich to the Nokia N900, developer Alexey Roslyakov has brought the NITDroid Project one step closer to its goal of running updated Android on all Nokia Internet Tablets. As all other previous hacks, the group NITDroid is responsible for the Android 4.0 port.