The complaints that thousands of Twitter users leave no doubt. Facebook has been hacked by introducing into the timeline and powerful images tremendously hard on acts of violence, self-mutilation and pornography. At the moment authorship is not known if the attack is aimed at 4Chan or inside facebook. I would like to tell Hackerz Park users that 4chan is largest English imageboard on the web and is associated with facebook.

Thousands of profiles involved in the attack more severe than has been the social network. The problem, started 72 hours ago playing little by little until this last night, at which hundreds of users have begun to complain mass of what happened, especially through Twitter. Most explain that since the wall of the news shows all kinds of images of brutality without your consent. Others explain that they were even added a “like” these pictures from their accounts. Links to videos, chat messages or photos fake name tags are a number of actions that seem to be happening. Everything points to a type of spam that has expanded to large scale and that certainly seems preplanned. It is not known by the large volume of claims and complaints if the spam is generated by clicking on the links or if it is a real attack has hackers. or there is some kind of vulnerability in the service code. At this time no one knows who is behind these attacks but on other occasions, some people point to Anonymous (who previously denied any attack on Facebook) or from 4Chan. Since Facebook has not yet said anything although it is expected some kind of statement in the coming hours.