Woooooh! Yesterday i was just going through a low mobile balance tragedy, and also felt some network related problem, so to solve that i did some kind of stuff that customer service Representative asked me to do, and through that i found a new way to send daily free sms from your Airtel number, yeah your read correct, you can send daily free 100 sms from your airtel number across all over India.

Currently, Airtel is offering daily sms pack of 100 sms. You have to pay standard sms charge Rs. 1.50 or 1 Rupee for your first sms and after that you will get 99 sms free.

SO today i bought something with which you don’t have to pay anything. All you need to do is following.
  1. Send your first sms of the day to 543210 or 1909.
  2. Be sure that you send this sms as a blank sms, that is dont write anything in the message and send it to 543210 or 1909.
  3.  After this you will get 99 sms free for any mobile number in India.
This is a great trick and worked for me and i am quite sure that this will work for your Airtel number also. 

One more thing is that this trick works only for Airtel Friends n Campus numbers.

Any problems? Do comments.