After the arrival of Facebook iPad (very successful), we were frustrated at not being able to also enjoy a relifting or a compatible tablet on Honeycomb. Facebook now seems to focus on developing an update to the Facebook application on Android.

First impression: this is it! New header, better finish, etc..

Screenshots have just been published on the official website of Facebook in the “developer”, and surprise: new interface and new features are on the menu. We find many elements of IOS versions. The first opinions are quite mixed, Facebook has decided to initiate the photocopier iOS> Android, a strategy that has never paid! However, this is very good news, unfortunately availability is still unclear: there is no date announced yet.

Little review of the changes …

Integration of favorites, very convenient
The screens: “Wall,” “information flow”, etc..

Native integration of Facebook (a third application example) Native integration, we can now build applications fully integrated with third-party Facebook

Native integration, difficult to discern the difference between Facebook application (webapp) and an Android application

Honeycomb version (tablet), because it means!

This confirms that it remains as a very average user experience on shelf