We know that the event, where it was to present the Prime Nexus Google and the version of Android Ice Cream Sandwich, has been moved to 27 March. And in recent days, we’ve been seeing some applications were appearing official Google for its new version of Android.

One is Google + 2.0, the mobile version for Android from Google’s social network, where the highlight is the makeover of the application, or have been better aesthetic to go according to the new version of the Android OS . Improvements to the icons, move the notification bar at the top where it is fixed, reorganization of the way to show thumbnails of images and people of any particular circle, and improvements to the widget are some of the developments we see in this new application.

Indeed, the apk of this application and runs through some of the platforms hosting of files and other stuff. You can manually install this application, having to uninstall the previous advance and give permission to the new so that we can access our accounts. Personally I would not let me put it on my phone, and everyone who goes to the adventure if you wish.