For those who have websites and blogs we know how important it is to use light images in all of our publications, not only because it cost less money, but it will be a most successful site that will keep people in line in the web just because they load in seconds.

In many cases you can use Photoshop to make images a bit lighter than they are. We may also use web services like Pixlr , which I use frequently especially when I’m on Linux simply to avoid having a single additional software installed to optimize pictures.

Another option is to use JPEGmini a totally free service online that lets you upload any image resolution, size and kind, and immediately, without doing anything further optimizes you to make it less heavy and therefore much faster to download.

The application can be used create an account or without it. If you do not you save the images arranged, but do not worry if a question of once you download them immediately. If you decide to create an account then you can upload entire albums to share on Flickr and Picasa, and unlimited use without paying anything.

Workplace design and the way they presented the results is great, similar to what is seen in the capture above, where the left side shows what it looks like the original and right is the image of less size, which allows you to compare that looks almost the same.