At other times, when YouTube did not exist, were used P2P programs to download music and videos of all kinds, starting with music that are most wanted, through some humorous and others to learn.

Fortunately we now have the chance to see these things from the Internet thanks to communities like YouTube and many others that have appeared gradually to where you can see concerts integers and long thanks to several uploaders that become available.

You can download these videos with many tools and tricks but usually tend to be methods which allow you to download one at a time no more. And if you want to download 5 or 6 videos and do not want to have to be aware of to each? It can be done with Free YouTube Download .

This is software that is free and runs on Windows and comes in several languages ​​including Spanish, which allows you can download a complete list of reproduction, response, user videos and even favorites, all in amounts to be simpler. Of course, you can also download several who hand-picked and put on a list to do it one by one, with the ability to choose what will be the extension of the downloaded file and even the video quality depending on what is available.

You can see the time it takes the video, the quality and how much “weight” as well as download progress, thanks to this program.