From 1st August, Mozilla launched the new stable version of Firefox for both desktop and mobile devices, according to MozillaZine, the news:

Plugin checker from the Manager.Last year, Mozilla introduced a website where we can know if the plugins you have installed in the browser is updated or when we install a new version.

But to reach this place we should remember its URL. From now on, in the Plugin Manager can find a link that leads directly to the site. The easiest place to find and be safe at all times that the plugins are in their latest version.

Improvements about memory: memory is a page that displays information about how Firefox is using the memory allocated to it. This information screen is improving in detail in each new stable.

Better promotion of Firefox Sync when entering passwords. Firefox Sync is a feature of Firefox which allows us to synchronize our personal information in different computers, for example between our house, our work or mobile device securely (data is encrypted before sent to the server). This new stable release added promotions for this non-intrusive service, when you enter a website where we have our password saved, for example.

Managing permissions for web sites. From this version, Firefox has a window in which we can manage the permissions that are on our web sites at a detailed information. If we enter about: permissions in the navigation bar, and we enter, we will have a sidebar list of websites that have information stored in your browser (cookies, passwords, etc.). And may decide to keep or let prefer not.

Domain highlighted in the navigation bar. In these new versions are improving the design of the navigation bar to provide the user reading the URL and avoid, where possible deception. Just like other browsers, this version from the domain address of a website stands out, that we may be easier to recognize the site where we are authentic. This makes it easier to distinguish exactly where we are.

Loading Panorama groups when requested. Panorama created the appearance of great advantages when it comes to managing a large number of websites open at the same time. But this led them to open more tabs than before. When started Firefox , if we had many groups in Panorama, load them all, which adversely affected the speed. From now on, groups of Panorama will be loaded when you apply for any of the tabs of the same.

Panorama persistent groups. When a user had many windows open (to separate their work) and turn Panorama groups in each window, closing the windows lost information. It is now corrected. More options to better organize your navigation.

Moving high-resolution Windows. Moving the page in the browser was more fluent in MacOSX that in Windows, although the technology for improvement was present for years. This difference between a line scrolling (as now) and a shift per pixel as achieved from this new version of Firefox influences the way the user feels the application responds by improving the sense of speed of response.

Web Developer menu. All development tools are integrated within a menu option called Web Developer.

Draft. Those who develop with Firefox surely have installed the Firebug . Besides this great addition, Mozilla is developing some internal tools for Firefox to help without forcing developers to install a plugin. A use case, for example, when we are in the house of a friend or in a cafe, where we use these tools without installing anything. This new version adds Draft, a space where we can test code JavaScript that runs in the current session. Perfect for trying out new ideas on how we can think of.

Improvements to the Web console. Since its appearance in Firefox 4 , the web console (which shows information from the CSS, JavaScript, network and console) has received many improvements. From this version you can choose where to place it in the browser (by default appears above) has an auto-complete when you start typing a command and save a message queue, which will be ready once the developer decides to use the tool.

Autocomplete popup in the web console. As you type a command, we can see all available options in a popup window that allows you to choose from there without typing the entire command.

Mobile Version

Interface Changes to Gingerbread. Firefox is a new design in OS devices Gingerbread Android.

Instructions were improved for the first time it runs. Changed instructions for the first time you run Firefox in a mobile device, demonstrating their strengths and best features, such as side panels, accessories, and so on.

Improved integration with form filling wizard of Android. Mobile devices have a wizard to fill out forms for easy data entry (as well as choices in the selected list, etc.).. This new version improves the integration of native system Android .

Using IndexedDB to host data on the device. Added the possibility of using this type of database for web applications store data locally. This helps to better performance and functionality of web applications. The platform

Ability to use the < progress > < / progress >. One of the agregadors HTML5 is the < progress > to represent the progress of an event, such as upload or download a file. From this version of Firefox , this label is available and there is no need to do with Flash or libraries of JavaScript .

You can download this new version from the website or if you already have Firefox installed, update via the menu Help -> About Firefox. For the mobile version, directs the browser on your device with Android or Maemo to this site or you can find it directly on the Android Market.