After several months of announcing the new Blogger, now have started to release some users, showing a message so they can make the change.

The aesthetic affect the administration section, more modern, more intuitive and clean, displaying information in a style reminiscent of and used Gmail, Google Plus and other applications that are experiencing the facelift of the company.
Whether you are on the Desktop or Setup can create or edit entries with one click from the top of the screen. In addition, the editor of entries has been extended and simplified so you can have a larger vision for the design and preview your work.
As discussed in the Google blog, not all users will see the message today, but over the coming days, the option will be displayed in general.
A new section “Overview” on the desktop, with information regarding the reaction of people to our articles (commentary, fans, visitors, etc.) as well as a list of useful links, as a Blogger feed with updates and suggestion that blogs can be interesting.

Bloggers, attentive to the update message on your panel.