Now a days, every one is inclining towards the best of technology, so in the case of laptop also. Purchasing a home or business laptop can be a much more confusing and sometimes frightening experience as most users today have some experience with a desktop computer but not as many have experience with a laptop, what is properly known as a portable laptops. Portable laptops are an excellent solution for anyone who needs to be portable and have all of their information on a small computer.

Below is a listing of help and tips when considering to purchase a laptop computer.  
What to look for:
When purchasing a laptop, it is likely that you will have a general idea of what you may like in the computer or how you would like to configure the laptop. Below is a listing of the various components likely to be found in a laptop, and recommendations and tips when considering any of the below components. 
1.Speed: The first and most important feature is the speed. More the speed of a laptop processor  higher is the result. i would suggest minimum 2.8Ghz will suit for every kind of user.

2.Ram: Ram of a laptop must be 2GB minimum for better response. If possible, it should be extendable.
3. Battery Life: Key feature of laptop is its battery life. Now a days 9 cell battery lot for 3-4 hours which is enough.
4. Display: All laptop come with a display. While it is almost always possible to hook up an external monitor when traveling with the laptop, the display is an important consideration. When looking at the display, ensure it is large enough for your needs. A very easy method of reducing the cost of the laptop is to reduce the size of the screen, unless price is an very important consideration we highly suggest that you purchase a laptop with at least a 12″ or lager LCD and recommend an LCD size of 14″ 
6. Processor: a processor is and will always be an important consideration when purchasing a laptop. Today, with multiple CPU/Processor manufacturers, it may be more confusing as well as more cost efficient to look at the different processors available.
7. Hard drive: Hard drives have and always will be an important consideration to think about when purchasing a new portable computer. Like a standard computer, the hard drive will be the destination of all your files and information, always get the maximum size hard drive, considering you will eventually always run out of space. 
8. Video card: Video cards are becoming an extremely important factor when purchasing a laptop. While this may surprise some, a video card can make or break a
laptop when it comes to playing games on the laptop. Most games today require additional video memory as well as special video modes such as OpenGL. With a video card with little video memory or without these modes, the laptop will be unable to play these games. In addition, the advances in video cards can dramatically increase the user enjoyment of the game being played. 
9. Network card: If a network connection is required, ensure that a network card is included with the laptop.
10. Connectivity Options: You must checkout that what connectivity options comes with a laptop such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth etc.
There are few more things that you should checkout before buying a laptop. we have mentioned it below:
  • Sound card 
  • Web Cam
  • Weight
  • Modem
  • Locking System etc.
keep in mind the above points and select your laptop model; like notebook, mini laptop etc.