As facebook doesn’t provide any video chat facility, though you can video chat with your friends some good third-party apps.  ideo Chat On Facebook will be a hot topic unless Facebook introduces the inclusion of video functionality to the site’s main chat function, third-party applications will keep continue to appear. Many of these apps provide the opportunity to chat with both active friends and to meet up with other users from all over the world. Listed here are five applications presently available on the site.


TinyChat is an enormously famous preference for video chatting with over 2.5 million per month active users. The application has the ability for video-based chats for friends and groups of up to 12 members.
Undoubtedly this service’s acceptance has some help from how easy it is to set up. The sign on for the application is a fast procedure that doesn’t need any sort of installing. Just go to TinyChat’s official page on Facebook, follow the easy steps to connect, and request friends to join.

I suggest you to send out private invitations, to prevent getting your chat sessions published to the news feed so you can restrict the talk to only those people you really want to take part in. Additionally, take a look around at ongoing discussions in public live rooms, but approach these areas with careful attention.
Go to the Facebook video chat application – TinyChat.

Rounds Video Chat

Rounds provides a stylish appearance to Facebook video chat. The apps hosts an estimated 500, 000 monthly active user.

Connecting to Rounds is very simple as steering towards the apps, and setting up your camera. Invite your buddies to chat by dropping down the “Make A Call“ button. One of the most engaging functions provided by this service is the capability to get involved in games and other activities by picking the “Interactive Menu” situated to the right of the “Make a Call” button.
Go to the video chat application – Rounds Video Chat.

VChatter averages over 500, 000 active users a month. VChatter had raised an additional $350, 000 recently, and it’ll be interesting to find how that money will get expended into the company’s product. You can easily Invite and connect with friends using the convenient screen on the side menu.

Go to the video chat application – VChatter.


ChatVibes is another Facebook chat application that installs a video chat button directly into Facebook’s native chat function. With a quick download of the program, you can invite friends to join you for an easy connection. The program also installs itself as a toolbar for easy access to updates from the provider. ChatVibes is currently having 244, 637 “Like”s.

Go to the video chat application – ChatVibes.


You have to use a Windows PC to use FaceBuzz, because the application doesn’t work with Mac operating system. This application does not impressed me much by the experience, but it still manages over 28,000 monthly active users.

Go to the video chat application – FaceBuzz.