Spyware and various types of viruses can decelerate your computer, inflict havoc with pop-ups, and even make your computer collapse altogether. Spywares are generally meant to SPY on your computer activity and use it for malicious purposes without your permission and knowledge. However, there are ways of keeping spyware at bay. Let’s have a look at the Top 10 Free Spyware removal software tools. We suggest downloading any of these tools for complete satisfaction!

1. Lavasoft As-Ware Anniversary Edition

Lavasoft is known for being excellent in spyware removal but it is not that famous at preventing infection. So if you are just in search of a great Removal Software, this could be it.

2. Spyware Sweeper
This software offers constant monitoring that impedes spyware before it hits. It comes with superior detection and removal means and auto-updates for adamant spyware.

3. Ad-Aware Anti Malware 8.1.3
The creators of this software were one of the pioneers in anti malware. This software completes entire scans pretty fast and presents thorough screen info on what the software is hunting for and what it has found.

4. Malware Bytes
This one is a comparatively quick malware solution with its swift scan just taking a short amount of time, even while other heavy applications are running.

5. iObit Security 360
This utility spots and eradicates the deepest attacks, and offers protection from various types of viruses, spyware and other malware.

6. Spybot Search and Destroy
Known for quality, this software gives you a feature to review apps being loaded when the computer starts. I rate this one very highly!

7. Trend Micro Hijack
 This one generates a comprehensive file and registry settings report. There is no disjointing in scan results between unsafe and safe settings, so you can get rid of the items selectively.

8. Norton 360

Famous for its comprehensive performance and security solution, this Antivirus software is easy to install even for a beginner PC user.

9. Windows Defender

A solution for severely infected computers, this software is also known for not giving false alarms during scans. Is shipped along with Windows in most versions.

10. Spyware Doctor 2010

Spyware doctor presents an excellent assortment of malware defense tools, but its notoriously strict trial restrictions makes it hard to evaluate. Even then, it is still preferred by many for its higher performance.