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Meet Playster: The Most Diverse Entertainment Streaming Service Ever

by VISHAL GAIKAR - on Mar 6th 2017 - No Comments

Playster can be regarded as a true streaming pioneer. As the world’s first all-in-one entertainment service, it offers subscriber a wide array of content and the ability to browse and stream media, such as TV series, movies, music, books, audiobooks and games, with no restrictions. The company has signed astonishing deals with big...

The Android Market Turns Into Google Play

by VISHAL GAIKAR - on Mar 7th 2012 - No Comments

Google finally rename Android Market as Google Play, Previously seen rumors on the web were not completely wrong, Google converts Android Market into Google Play to completely unify the three other services as well including: Android Market, Google Music and the Google eBookstore.

Google Play

To discover in detail all the services that Google offers, please visit this link where you will find answers to your questions. Now your favorite music, books, movies, apps, and games are all in one place that’s accessible from the Web and any Android device.

Guys, now delete your favourite Android Market link from your bookmarks list and add new Google Play in place of it. Updates to the android application will shortly be available from Android 2.2 FroYo to next versions.

As per official Google blog :

In the U.S., music, movies, books and Android apps are available in Google Play. In Canada and the U.K., we’ll offer movies, books and Android apps; in Australia, books and apps; and in Japan, movies and apps. Everywhere else, Play will be the new home for Android apps.


Google Play Overview:

  • Store up to 20,000 songs for free.
  • Download more than 450,000 Android apps and games.
  • Browse the world’s largest selection of eBooks.
  • Rent thousands of your favorite movies.

Google Play offers more than 450,000 android apps, millions of songs, thousands of movies, and tons of books. They have also added extra feature that before buying anything you can preview the song, book, or movie. Everything is stored in the cloud. Your downloads can be seen on your mobile device or found online at play.google.com.


Google Play android application is available for download, you can download Google play apk from the following link. Google Play store is compatible with Android 2.2 and upper version of devices, Google play current version is now 3.4.6.

Download Google Play Android App

CyanogenMod 9 Official Music App Released and Available for Android 4.0 Devices

by VISHAL GAIKAR - on Jan 17th 2012 - No Comments

Developer Andrew Neal wrote about CyanogenMod 9 Official Music App for Android is finalized now and available for download. The music player includes the main features of the Music application (default) of the mobile operating system Google Android, but with some advantages as well.

Note that this application is only compatible with mobile devices which running the version of Android Ice Cream Sandwich. Whether it’s in alpha, beta or final, the compatibility of the application remain the same: only compatible with Android ICS and nothing else. A music player that offers interesting new features and aesthetics a little further: changing themes, shake the motive to change music listening, and several quick access links with a few other features to discover.

The app comes with a degree of customization that you won’t find in any other Music app, or possibly, in any app. You can shop the Android Market for the currently playing song at the push of a button, share what track you’re listening to with all your social outlets, set your favorite song as ring tones, delete unwanted tracks, and search your music from anywhere in the app.

The application has been finalized and is now available for free download, and will soon be free on the platform of the Android Market from Google.

If you can’t wait to get your hands on the CyanogenMod 9 Official Music App then you can download the app directly at the source link below, or you can wait for it to appear on both Cyanogenmod 9 and the Android Market.

Download CyanogenMod 9 Official Music App

Serendip – Share Music Tracks On Twitter and Hear What Others Have Shared

by VISHAL GAIKAR - on Aug 26th 2011 - No Comments

Serendip is a new service in private beta, which allows users to search and listen to the songs that most interest us. As in many cases, Serendip is also nourished by music videos hosted on YouTube, so we will see a small video window itself it belongs to. If you want to share any song in particular with our Twitter followers, with Serendip can publish in our stream carrying the shortened link to the song, where we can also supplement it with a comment.

Best of Serendip is also “hear” the songs that share our fans, but they do not have it. Thus we do not lose the songs that share our fans, but we can always block or even delete any follower from Serendip if your musical tastes do not conform to our own.

Serendip is currently in private beta, and may request invitation from your homepage.

Click Here To Get The Serendip Invitation