In the world of mobile applications, you need to be at the top to generate maximum profit. To do that, the mobile app must be famous. The world of ASO or as you know it, App Store Optimization, is a fast spinning one. One day, you’re at the top; the next day, another takes the spotlight.


However, there are those that conquer their own categories; no matter how you see them, they seem to be the best in that field. So, do you want to win this endless struggle? Here are four ways you can do it. Here is how to win ASO optimization for iOs and Google Play in the easiest way.

Measure your way of advertising

Of course, one way to be noticed is to get some activity going; what better way than to advertise. Stop and think for a sec. To be in the top 10 iOS apps in the U.S., you’ll need to pass the 100,000 downloads mark. In those 100,000 downloads, advertisements will cost, more or less, between $1.00 and $2.00.

How high can the advertisements cost then? Between $100,000 and $200,000. Not quite the money builder. Don’t spend too much and keep your costs at a minimum. This can keep you up for updates and upkeep of the mobile app, which is very important if you want to stay at the top.

Optimize the app for better conversion rates

Conversion rate is essentially the number of people who visit the app page or “see” the app, divided by the number of installs made. You will need to optimize the app if you want it downloaded often. Well, this is essentially the best thing you could do for your app. Who wants to download crappy applications anyway?

This includes the text, gameplay, or experience, and the features included in it. Does it look great or does it look like another project with comic sans as the font face? Does the application lag or terminate by itself at times? Is it compatible with all versions of phones? You need to ponder on all of these.

Every detail counts. Even the smallest instruction with errors can tick people off and cause them to uninstall. When people install and don’t uninstall, you get great ASO ratings. Forcing them to download the apps; however, is not good because there are secret robot spies tracking the app. Seriously, they are called bots.

Get keywords in place

You can start just by getting a sheet of paper and thinking of words associated with your app. List them all down and start counting how the words are searched in the search boxes. ASO is essentially SEO in the app store world. Make sure you use the words that are low in number, get ranked high for that keyword, and start conquering the download scene.

Get more people to rate you high

Just provide the correct customer support and it will be easy to gain high ratings. This will get your app great authority, especially when reviewed by renowned people and organizations.

It is actually pretty easy to get; you just have to provide what the customer wants. The customer does not want you fixing what is not broken. Keeping yourself open to their suggestions is key to winning the ASO game.