Playster can be regarded as a true streaming pioneer. As the world’s first all-in-one entertainment service, it offers subscriber a wide array of content and the ability to browse and stream media, such as TV series, movies, music, books, audiobooks and games, with no restrictions.


The company has signed astonishing deals with big music labels and distribution companies, such as Warner Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment and Paramount Pictures, and the millions of titles in its catalog include music from award-winning stars and indie talent alike.

The same applies to books and there is a wide array of titles to choose from, ranging from classics to the newest published writers who’ve just made their debut in the literary word. There are more ebooks and audiobooks than you could dream of having right at your fingertips with plenty of titles from famous partners, including Findaway, Harlequin, HarperCollins, Simon & Schuster and Penguin Publishing.

It is important to note that Playster is not looking to compete with specialty movie and TV streaming services, such as Netflix, but the app still boasts a nice selection of films, ranging from kid-friendly movies to documentaries.

Gaming-wise, Playster subscribers are in for a treat as the service offers a lot of arcade throwbacks, which will keep every casual gamer in their seat for hours on end. The gaming section offers a wide array of categories to choose from, such as action, adventure, puzzle and arcade, as well as games specifically tailored for children to enjoy.

Playster is available for both Android and iOS platforms and can be download from Google Play and iTunes. Users are also able to store their favorite books, movies and music on their device, so travelling with no internet access will prove to be an awesome experience instead of being displeasing.

Taking into account that no other service offers so many features and that you can enjoy unlimited access to all of them for just $24.95 per month, Playster is easily one of the best streaming offerings available on the market today.