It has not been that the computer systems around the world including the Software giant Microsoft, to have looked into the security aspects of the Operating Systems and the data included. And the efforts have paved a way for more secure channels and encryption mechanism that has been closing off the lapses in the security for well over a decade.


But are these security efforts put forward by the software companies around the world has some of the greater challenges the practically apply to every system. Though the later decades saw the escalated concern on security issues related to Microsoft, these were soon reportedly stated to be the selling point for Apple. But the reality in the practical approach in dealing with the virus and other illicit ways of threatening computer systems is simply unavoidable.

With the recent times, when operating systems follow a transparent mode to a great extent, the attributes relating to the security has worsened on the scale of effectiveness. Incompliance amongst devices has, in fact, increased the concerns with the security of computing systems.

Operating Systems and Antivirus

Though the basic Anti-Virus that comes equipped with the Operating System has always been effective, the risks associated with the practical approach of the default programs provided by the OS vendors by the likes of Microsoft has always been a limited resource. And the advent of the privately owned software enterprises followed in the industry to bring some of the better aspects to reinforce the security options of the Operating Systems.

There were, in fact, a surge of the antivirus programs that followed different models of operative methods including updates and independent firewall systems that were effective than the measures put forward by the original vendors.

Hence, there has always been a reliance on the third party programs that has been the part of the computing community in a significant manner. With the likes of Kaspersky, McAfee and AVG, there has been a total effort to build a complete security system for the long decades.

The Actual Need of Antivirus

As far as the ideal situation for a user in the computer system, there are indirect needs of the Antivirus programs that ensure that your system is safe and secure from the Virus attacks and also keep the prying eyes off your system. Though the latest releases from Microsoft have brought some of the reforms, there is an element of the uncertainty that simply can’t be avoided, especially if you are an individual user or an independent group of users.

Yet beginners and lesser users of computers can find it hard to keep the computing systems safe and it takes a little deeper knowledge if you used the registries and root kits to get the infected files busted. So, it is always a better and safer prospect if you an external Antivirus program that deals with the safety of the systems more effectively than otherwise.

However, improvised forms of encryptions and other inclusive processes have been effective in keeping off viruses from affecting the system, unlike the earlier times.


Though, it has been noticed that the secondary attributes associated with the Antivirus programs have been one of the most contradictory issues upfront since the high resource usage of the computing system eventually leads to a drastic consequence that slow up the performance and effectiveness of the Operating systems.

Though, not all the Antivirus programs available are the same when it comes to the features and issues that ensure the safety of the system. But it has to take a little effort to find the better ones suited exactly for your personal or organizational convenience.