Our smartphones are nearly always used for smart things like answering emails, getting information on the internet, working from home and such but every now and again they are perfect for mobile gaming. Not all mobile games are created equally however and here are five that are a cut above the rest.

Vainglory (free)


For starters this game is free which is a major bonus. This is a multiplayer online battle arena that is similar to games like League of Legends and Dota 2. This makes it a fantastic game for those gamers that want something that they can take with them easily.

This game has been scaled down from some of the larger online battle arena games to fit the touch screen and make it mobile friendly. You can play with friends or you can battle against complete strangers to level up and gain powers and skills.

Lara Croft GO ($4.99)

For a game that costs about $5 it is well made and incredibly fun to sit and play on. This game is a turn based puzzle board game and is reminiscent of those old games that we have all played at one time or another and have really started to miss since the invention of mobile gaming. The game guides video game legend Lara Croft through ancient ruins in search of treasure and glory to unravel the mystery behind the Queen of Venom.

If you’re looking for a game with more action, then this may just be perfect for you. The graphics of the game are also pretty impressive for a mobile download and if you own or purchase a new smartphone, on the right HD screen such as on the LG G5, it’s all the more incredible to play.

FIFA 16: Ultimate Team (free)


Generally anything with FIFA in the name is going to be pricey but this mobile soccer game is free and is well worth your time. This game not only allows you to play soccer on your phone, it also allows you the chance to make a fully customizable roster of the best players across the world and you are not limited by what team they play for.

You will start with a limited pool of players that will gradually open up as you play and earn points.

Need for Speed No Limits (free)

For those that love racing games and are not really into puzzle or battle, this is a wonderful option for you. Much like the larger need for speed game for permanent platforms, this is a game that offers races that will keep you on the edge of your seat. These are much shorter races than those that you would see on something like the PlayStation version of the game, but they are just as intense and interesting.

You can drift, draft, and use nitro just like the original and you can end up spending hours upgrading your cars and unlocking new race tracks.

Candy Crush (free)

We have all gotten the annoying notifications and player requests from this originally Facebook based game but it has remained one of the best match three type games on the market. This game is great for those that want something that is vibrant, fun, and that they can spend hours just mindlessly playing.

This is not the type of game you would download if you want to use any sort of strategy or you want to really get involved in what you are doing. This is more of a time killer or a time filler game but nevertheless, it still continues to bring great enjoyment when playing.

So, make sure you make the most of your smartphone by downloading the right games to take away your boredom and entertain your time. These 5 games offer great variety and would make for the perfect download if you don’t already own them, so give them a try and wrap yourself up in the virtual world of smartphone gaming.