HiPER Scientific Calculator is a popular scientific calculator that has managed to get high user ratings and a huge user base. It is a portable and compact scientific calculator loaded with many interesting features and functions.

The HiPER Scientific Calculator Android App looks quite similar to an ordinary calculator that features several viewing modes like portrait, landscape and expanded views. The portrait view is well suited for smartphones while you can even make use of the landscape viewing mode depending upon the screen size of your device.

You can use the expanded viewing mode for Android tablets. The Pro version of the app is also available that features an expression mode that allows the user to write the expressions in a normal way and view the calculations that are going on. It also features several high quality themes.

How does it Works?


This app is quite easy to use and works just like any other calculator. You can simply make use of your Android phone’s keypad and enter in the calculations that are to be performed. Once you enter the functions that are to be calculated, HiPER will immediately display results for it.

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It allows you to set custom precisions of up to 9 places of exponents and 100 places of decimal (Pro Version). You will be able to make use of unlimited braces. The calculator can store up to 10 memories of intermediate results. This app is capable of detecting repeating decimals and you can also enter numbers as fractions.

Basic Functions of HiPER Scientific Calculator

HiPER Scientific Calculator for Android comes with many interesting functions that are listed below:

  • It features all basic arithmetic operations such as powers, percentage, trigonometry, logarithms, roots, and many more.
  • The app offers unlimited number of braces available in it. Also conversation of periodic numbers to fractions can be easily done.
  • It also includes some advanced and unique functions like least common multipliers, permutations, combinations, greatest common divisors and random numbers.
  • HiPER Scientific Calculator App also supports hyperbolic/ goniometric functions, fixed point, degrees, seconds and minutes conversion, improper and mixed fractions, scientific and engineering display formats and a lot more.
  • There are more than 90 physical constants, and it displays exponents in the form of SI units prefix. It is capable of performing logical operations.
  • Moreover, there are various settings in the app that will help you in managing the full screen mode, decimal, thousand separators and much more.

Additional Features in Pro Version

The basic version of the app is completely free of cost while you will have to spend some money for accessing the Pro version of this app. here are some additional features that the Pro version of the HiPER app includes:

  • It features an additional expression mode that enables the user to write expressions manually and see all the calculations that are being performed.
  • You can manage the precision settings up to 9 digits of exponents and 100 decimal places.
  • The users will also get access to more themes in Pro version.

Final Say

HiPER Scientific Calculator is a handy tool for performing scientific and difficult calculations. The basic version is completely free of cost which makes it definitely worth a try.

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