PGPTools for Android is a small app which is mainly designed to perform wonders. The app can manage the tasks of both encryption as well as decryption of text by making use of PGP keys. This app can regenerate PGP keys and maintain a record of public and private keys that are secured by a password of the user’s choice.


In addition, you can even import and export keeps whenever you are required to do so. The basic concept behind the development of this app is to provide ease of use, convenience and security to the user’s personal data. Moreover, PGPTools for Android is a paid application which means that the user can easily access the handy features of this app without facing interrupting and annoying advertisements.

Important Features of PGPTools

PGPTools is a must try app for all those who are searching for an ideal solution for securing their important data from hackers and unwanted users. Let us explore some of the handy features of this incredible app:

PGP Keys Generation

This app enables its users to generate PGP keys by simply making use of their Android devices. Once the app is installed on your Android device, you are not required to access the internet every single time you require the keys. This is one of the most useful features of this app since generating PGP keys every time over internet is not safe. They are vulnerable to the attacks from unwanted users.

Importing of Existing PGP Keys

PGPTools also allows its users to import the existing PGP keys which save their time and efforts for creating new keys. Moreover, importing existing PGP keys not only saves your time and effort but also provides ease and convenience to the users.

Export Keys

The users can even export the newly generated keys and thus enables them to make their use for other devices as well. Therefore, it further simplifies the user’s difficulties of managing different keys since the user is not required to create new keys each and every time.

Encrypting Outgoing Messages

PGPTools is an ideal solution for all those who wish to protect their outgoing texts by encrypting them and thus secure them from unwanted users. The rapid development in technology has also resulted in increased cases of cyber crime. Therefore, by encrypting your text you can ensure the safety of your message to a great extent.

Decrypting Outgoing Messages

PGPTools not only enables the user to encrypt the text but he can even decrypt the text by making use of the PGP keys in order to decrypt the incoming texts. This way it performs both the encrypting as well as decrypting tasks.

Copy and Paste Keys

PGPTools is one of the best encrypting apps available for Android devices these days. The app comes with many safety features and also makes it quite easy for the users to handle their keys. The app is designed so as to provide an easy and flawless experience to the users. Apart from the features of import and export of keys, the users can also handle their keys by simply copying and pasting the keys in the app.


Final Words

All in all, PGPTools for Android is an easy to use and secure app for all those who wish to keep their confidential data safe and secure from others. Moreover, the user- interface and speed of the app makes it worth trying. The themes incorporated in the app are quite impressive and provides a professional feel to the app.

The app seamlessly functions to ensure easy encryption and decryption. Therefore, if you are looking forward to an app that offer security features to your text messages, then PGPTools is undoubtedly the best solution for you.